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Hi there, welcome to my best toaster reviews blog! I’m John. The whole purpose of this blog is to help you find the best toaster in the market, because as a toast lover, I know how important it is to have a good toaster. To put it in an exaggerating manner, a toaster can either make or break your day! So read on…

Toaster Reviews & Best Toaster – Quick Guide

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How To Choose Your Best Toaster

Don’t you hate it when in the middle of yet another morning rush, everyone managed to wake up and the coffee machine is not putting up a sulk, and when everything seems to be going smoothly for this one time, the insert-your-profanity-here toaster goes wacko and refuses to pop the bread out, leaving you with a charred mess and nothing for breakfast?

Or worse, gives you a piece of toast that is burned on one side and pale on the other and a dilemma of deciding whether to eat it or leave it? That’s what I meant by having your toaster break your day, and considering that most cheap toasters and even some expensive ones are now made in faraway countries with cheap labor ;) this is very likely to happen indeed.

So how do you buy your toaster? The one most important thing to do is to read toaster reviews, but before that you must know what features or characteristics to look for, and I’ve explained them below.

Toaster Types
There are 3 types of toasters but I am only writing about the pop-up toaster in this blog.

Pop-up Toaster
Toaster Review - Pop-Up-Toaster
Bread toasting only.
Toaster Oven
Toaster Review - Toaster Ovens
More than just toasting.
Conveyor Toaster
Toaster Review - Conveyer Toaster
For large scale toasting.

Here are some tips that I find useful when choosing a toaster.

  • Even toasting – I feel that this is the most important feature that you should look for. After all, with even toasting, you don’t need to toast twice or turn your bread upside down every time you toast. A nice, uniform toast will certainly light up your day minus the grumble of unsatisfactory toast!
  • Exterior must be cool to touch – Trust me; some toasters are unbelievably scalding hot after a few rounds of toasting. If you have kids, you won’t want them burning their fingers when they accidentally touch the toaster. Even if you don’t have kids, there is a possibility of an accidental touch when you’re rushing off to work.
  • Power cord should not be too short – A short power cord is one of the drawbacks of many toasters. Measure or estimate the distance between where you want to put the toaster on your kitchen counter and the power source. However, long cords may be scarce and you should try to place your toaster as near the outlet as possible.
  • Crumb tray should be at the front or the side – This will make clean-up easier especially if the back of the toaster faces a wall. Crumb tray must be removable.
  • Wide and Long slots – It’s not necessary if you’re just a fan of basic toast bread. However, if you love variety and want to toast muffins, bagels and so on, you might want to keep a lookout for this feature. With wide and long slots, you will not need to trim and shave off the sides of your bagels before toasting, which is ridiculous, anyway.

These are the most important features but there are also other features you can consider, such as defrost function, brown setting and etc. After reading some reviews you will get a better idea of what you like. Below are some of my top picks of the best toasters.

Best Toaster Reviews – My Top Picks

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